Saturday, October 10, 2009

GAFFTA & Stamen Design Exhibit Oct 1-Nov 18

San Francisco-based Stamen Design will debut a series of interactive and printed pieces that allow visitors to explore the Tenderloin through a series of different maps and mappings. Using data from the Uptown Tenderloin Historic District, public data made available by the City of San Francisco’s, and other data sets, the project will provide a unique view on this fascinating neighborhood.

The Tenderloin has many faces: National Register Historic District, entry point to San Francisco’s immigrant population, notoriously vice-ridden streets, home to diverse communities and the city’s largest population of children, seat of some of the city’s oldest architecture, the only largely working-class neighborhood within the downtown area, and birthplace of the sexual liberation movement predating the Stonewall riots. Most recently, a new wave of artistic and cultural activity (including GAFFTA) is changing the face of the neighborhood once again. Using real world geographic, demographic and cartographic data, this exhibition will offer unique perspectives and unexpected insight to this complex and dynamic nexus at the center of San Francisco’s cultural and social fabric.

Check it out.


  1. Great info. I will look to see if we can go visit the show as a class. Also, Eric Rodenbeck founder of Stamen is good friends with Prof. Joshua Singer and we are discussing trying to get him to come speak to DAI.

  2. Wow. I am kinda obsessed with them and want to intern/work there someday!