Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Data visualization posters Fall 2019 class

Selected work. Sizes: 23x35 & 30x40
Download PDFs of the Fall 2019 posters shown below.

02 Rachel Carrin – US immigration court backlog (23x35)

04 Esther Chin – expensive cities in SF & NY (23x35)

05 Monica Chum – The gender gap in PhD male edition (30x40)

05 Ameer Razman Chin – The gender gap in PhD female edition (30x40)

06 Elissa Crevoiserat – World War II (23x35)

07 Sean Huang – US energy (23x35)

08 Tony Li – Women in US congress (23x35)

09 Connie Mach – Rio 2016 swimming (23x35)

17 Tarrea Tolbert – Warming trend (23x35)

19 Samuel Vasquez – Big money (23x35)

Data visualization posters Spring 2019 class

Selected work. All posters 30x40 inches.
Download PDFs of the Spring 2019 posters shown below.

02 Mathew Byrne – Diabetes

03 Sarina Campanella – Cannabis, seeing green

04 Shannon Doran – Hemp use

05 Dominic Garcia – Barnes & Noble booksellers

07 Pamela Liutama – YouTube

08 Linda Lueng – Expensive US

09 Korina Moreno – Femicide

10 Louis Terreros – Anime industry

11 Peter Terreros – Japan tourism

12 Edgar Torres – Textile waste

Data visualization posters Fall 2018 class

Selected work. All posters printed in full color 30x40 inches.
Download full PDFs of the posters shown below.

01 Zachary Bizzarro – San Francisco Rent Crisis

05 Tina Chang – Great Barrier Reef

06 Daniei Genis – California Camp Fire 2018

07 Charyse Goodlow – Overworked & Overdosed

10 Wen Liang – California Drought

12 Meegan Nguyen – Air Quality California

13 Shea O'sullivan – Wine

14 Mark Olivas – Ufo Sightings 2008-2014

20 Omar Sinada – Lottery

21 Danielle Sweeney – Women In Us Congress

24 Nalleli Vasquez Santiago – Teen Birth Rates

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Data visualization posters Fall 2016 class

All posters printed in full color 30x40. Download full PDF of the posters shown below. Selected work – additional posters can be found in the same directory (see full list at bottom of this post).

Jordin Kelsey: Recreational Drugs

Yuko Kuranuki: Nobel Prize

Monica Lira: Port of Oakland

Lingling Ma: Women's Hygiene

Christopher Maka: Golden State Warriors

Eugene See: Evolution of Apple 

Paula Guidugli: Violence Against Women

Claire Harcourt: CMYK RGB PMS

Jiaying (Ivy) Li: California Travel

Dina Marzouk: Obesity

Download PDFs of the posters – Full list below

01 02 Jiahuan (Chloe) Gu: Breakfast Effect
01 01 Colleen Fujimori: Netflix
01 03 Jordin Kelsey: Recreational Drugs
01 04 Yuko Kuranuki: Nobel Prize
01 05 Monica Lira: Port of Oakland
01 06 Juliana Loo: Endangered Species
01 07 Brenda Lopez: Fracking in Usa
01 08 Lingling Ma: Women's Hygiene
01 11 Eugene See: Evolution of Apple
01 10 Christopher Maka: Golden State Warriors
01 12 Arshia Singh: Bay Area Pollution
01 13 Gratas Sparnauskas: Plastic Oceans
02 01 Ramin Ghazinoori: Health SFSU
02 02 Paula Guidugli: Violence Against Women
02 05 Jiaying (Ivy) Li: California Travel
02 06 Luis Martinez: Cowboys Running Backs
02 03 Claire Harcourt: CMYK RGB PMS
02 07 Dina Marzouk: Obesity
02 08 Julianne Mccarthy: Film Diversity
02 09 Kelly Sekins: Video Games
02 10 Jeanette Silva-Torres: Coral Reefs
02 11 Andrew Snarr: NBA Power Teams

Wild card projects (various formats) from the Fall 2016 class.

Open format (wild card) project from Fall 2016 class. Selected work.
For this project, students were free to select the topic, the format, and the size of their project. The images only show a sample page from each project. Click below for complete projects.
Download full PDFs of the projects shown below.

Brenda Lopez: Sea Level Rising

Christopher Maka: 311 SF Non-Emergency Reports

Eugene See: Steve Jobs Patents

Jordin Elsey: The Ideal Woman

Paula Guidugli: Environment Price

Monday, July 11, 2016

Data visualization posters Fall 2015 class

Selected work Fall 2015. All posters 30x40 inches.
In most designs, R was used for early prototyping and sketching, with Illustrator for final design.
PDF files of most of the 2015 posters shown below can be downloaded here.

The Ups and Downs of San Francisco Living, by Harlan Frost

The Scale of the Syrian Migration Crisis, by Kate Allbee

E-Waste, by Alisha Brink

San Francisco Parking Tickets, by Lauren Holmes

The Grammys, by Paulina Zepeda

The Importance of Needle Exchange, by James Schenck

Green vs Black, by Elena Cornejo

 Express Lanes Effectiveness, by Taylor Ridgway

The Digital Divide, by Elizabeth Ordway

Caffeine Addiction, by Eunyoung Shin

Incarceration Nation, by Shea Sjoberg

Netflix: Behind the Scenes, by Daniel Gorostieta

 The Bees Knees, by Torii Burnett

The Oil Industry, by Sophia Quang

Shark Attack Facts, by Isabella Zhang

Stroke, by Malissa Tallett

World's Largest Airlines, by Amanda Higgs

 How Long Until It's Gone? by Hien Truong

The Changing Face of Television, by Adrian Ochoa

 Play Like a Girl, by Sarah Donald

Blrrd Brdcst, by Ricardo Baltazar

The Evolution of Paper, by Karen Loccisano