Wednesday, January 9, 2013

17x22 posters from the Fall 2012 class

Below are some examples from the "Mailer" assignment. The poster had to fold down to letter size in order to be mailed. In this class we used mostly R and RStudio for sketching and development, and Illustrator for cleaning up and finalizing the visualization. We also used Visualize This by Nathan Yau as the textbook for the class.

Full-resolution PDFs of the posters shown below can be downloaded here.

Android 2012, by Judy Chu.

Pixar Films, by Dana Lui

Doctor Who, by Stella Cunanan

Federer vs Sampras, by Luke Marsden

Country Populations, by Madeleine Lucero-Simmons

Land of Opportunity, by Henry Ngo

American Love Wine, by Christina Davidson

Color Blindness, by Justin Pangilinan

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