Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Data visualization posters Fall 2012 class

Selected work Fall 2012. Size: 30x40 inches. For the final poster, students were asked to use any of the visualization types learned so far: tree map, scatterplot, bar chart, pie chart, line graph, parallel coordinates, maps with geodata, etc. They could also combine and overlap the graphs as needed.
PDF files of the posters shown below can be downloaded here.

James Bond, by Stella Cunanan

Mexican Drug War, by Christina Davidson

Audio Formats and the iPod, by Judy Chu

Obamacare, by Pichamon Chamroenrak

James Bond, by Luke Marsden

Assassinations, by Madeleine Lucero-Simmons

Packaging Waste, by Julia Grosman

Minor and Major Scales, by Laszlo Sztana

NBA All-Star, by Hernry Ngo

Wind Energy, by Li Fang Zhang

Bike Share, by Kenji Wada

Fishing (1 of 2), by Sam Luu

 Fishing (2 of 2), by Ryan Griego

Dream Teams Olympics, by Dana Lui

League of Legends, by David Li

Pokemon, by Justin Pangilinan

America's Cup (2012), by Luis Pasqual

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