Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Data visualization posters Fall 2014 class

Selected work Fall 2014 class. Size: 30x40 inches. In most designs, R was used for early prototyping and sketching, with Illustrator for final design. In Fall 2014 Section 1 was taught by Pino Trogu (noted as PT), while Section 2 was taught by Stephanie Tang (noted as ST).
PDF files of the 2014 posters shown below can be downloaded here.

 Andrew Steinmetz: General George Patton (PT)

 Ani Aghajanyan: Sugar Guide (ST)

 Christopher Hurtt: Kayne West (ST)

 Claudia Paz: Consumer Spending (PT)

 David Wong: Identifying California Diversity (PT)

 Jessica Nourse: House tv show (PT)

 Heather Russell: Sex Ed: What's Missing? (PT)

Mona Chiu: Glacier Data (PT)
Note: this project is actually an interactive website built using Tableau. Click below to visit:

 Nicholas Laythe: Long and High Jump (PT)

 Olivia Abundis: Play Like a Girl (ST)

 Ran Yang: Disney, the land of movies (PT)

 Ruby Robertson: Global Compost (ST)

 Tommy Chu: Assassin's Creed (ST)

Willie Yapching: Studio Ghibli (ST)

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