Monday, July 11, 2016

Data visualization posters Fall 2015 class

Selected work Fall 2015. All posters 30x40 inches.
In most designs, R was used for early prototyping and sketching, with Illustrator for final design.
Download PDF files of the posters shown below.

The Ups and Downs of San Francisco Living, by Harlan Frost

The Scale of the Syrian Migration Crisis, by Kate Allbee

E-Waste, by Alisha Brink

San Francisco Parking Tickets, by Lauren Holmes

The Grammys, by Paulina Zepeda

The Importance of Needle Exchange, by James Schenck

Green vs Black, by Elena Cornejo

 Express Lanes Effectiveness, by Taylor Ridgway

The Digital Divide, by Elizabeth Ordway

Caffeine Addiction, by Eunyoung Shin

Incarceration Nation, by Shea Sjoberg

Netflix: Behind the Scenes, by Daniel Gorostieta

 The Bees Knees, by Torii Burnett

The Oil Industry, by Sophia Quang

Shark Attack Facts, by Isabella Zhang

Stroke, by Malissa Tallett

World's Largest Airlines, by Amanda Higgs

 How Long Until It's Gone? by Hien Truong

The Changing Face of Television, by Adrian Ochoa

 Play Like a Girl, by Sarah Donald

Blrrd Brdcst, by Ricardo Baltazar

The Evolution of Paper, by Karen Loccisano

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